Thursday, June 19, 2008

Enemies List from the Nation

The Nation does us all a favor by listing out some of the intellectual undesirables:

Barbara Ehrenreich
Ben Cohen
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Derrick Bell
E.L. Doctorow
Eric Foner
George McGovern
Gore Vidal
Helen Caldicott
Howard Zinn
Jerry Brown
Jesse Jackson
Joel Rogers
Jonathan Kozol
Kirkpatrick Sale
Liz Smith

Courtesy of their donation page

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Christian Confusions

Nathan Tabor seems like a fine person, but this article demonstrates a crucial flaw in the religious right's exercise of political will: focusing on the wrong goals. The continued goal of genuflection at the phrase "judeo-Christian" values is a bit too vague and nebulous to mean anything good. These are people who demonstrably vote their values and live very conservative lives, but their attention spans are short, and their focus on real action versus 'feel-good' things is misplaced. Recently, I read a speech by former Alabama Senator Jeremiah Denton, where he claims the nation's ills can all be solved by putting prayer back in school, and acknowledging the Christian roots to the country. These people are conservative, but they're functionally useless in politics as long as they chase these red herrings.

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Dead or Alive?

Paleoconservatism, in that it is ever defined at all, is usually pronounced dead on arrival. But like all good ideas, it is often resurfacing in different formats. This site, and this project, will seek to help define what Paleoconservatism is, how it represents true conservatism, and in so doing represents truth. The Michigan statement will guide our principles.